Getting into the Member Pages

If you didn't register a Gmail account with the Mount Hope World Singers group, you can still get into the member pages if you register your current email with Google. Here's how:

In order to access the member pages, you'll need to establish an account with Google using that email address as the username. It doesn't have to be a address. After you've logged into Google with that username, you should be able to access the member pages.

These steps should work for you:

  • Visit

  • Click on the blue "Sign In" button in the upper right corner.

  • Some accounts may be listed. If the desired email address is not listed, click on Use another account.

  • Click on Create an account. --> For myself

  • The dialog box will look like it wants you to make a Gmail account, but you can click on Use my current email address instead.

  • We hope this helps. There is a little more to do, but the rest of it is straightforward.

Getting Past the Broken Robot

Please be sure you are logged into Google with your email address before clicking on the link above. Otherwise, you may receive the broken robot "404 That's an error" message. Sadly, Google does not make it easy to recover from the broken robot.

If you see the broken robot,

  • Go to,

  • Log in there by clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner.
    What does that button look like? Well, it depends.
    It might be a blue rectangle that says, "Sign In". When it asks for your Google account, use your regular email as you did in the initial instructions (a copy is below).
    It might be a circle with your initial. When it asks for you your Google account, you may have to click on "Add another account" to enter your regular email and password.
    Or it might show you're already logged in with multiple accounts. In that case, just select the one you use for MHWS.

  • From that same window or tab, then visit